September 28, 2005

Adding tag clouds to drupal

I meant to post this quite some time ago but there’s no time like the present.

Kent Bye from Echo Chamber Project sent me some links describing the tag-cloud implementation for Drupal he’s been speccing out:

I finished a couple of posts that further specify a Drupal tag cloud – the font distribution algorithm has lots of graphics of my Power Law distribution of tags.

I created a couple of posts that specify some of my ideas for tagadelic additions (let me know of others who might be able to help manifest an automatic tag cloud that can be personalized by user or identity):

The first post walks through the evolution of the font distribution algorithm for a tagadelic tag cloud.

There are a lot of graphs to help you see how I came up with the algorithm based upon my free-tagging data from my site.

I also came up with three flowcharts for creating different types of tag clouds.

The first one is the most basic implementation that uses all tags from all users.

The second takes into account specific category vocabularies as well as all of the nodes from specific user uids.

The third creates a tag cloud based upon the identity of a group of users (in my case pro-war and anti-war).