February 16, 2006

Tag Summit

This year’s Information Architecture Summit is chock full of sessions on tagging. Here are some highlights for those of you that haven’t yet spent your spring conference budget:

Tagging and Beyond: Personal, Social and Collaborative Information Architecture
I’m moderating this panel on social information architecture, looking at everything from tagging to collaborative filtering as ways groups of people can organize information. I was lucky to find excellent panelists: Rashmi Sinha, Scott Golder, Mimi Yin and danah boyd.

Tags and facets, tags and languages: a case study.
“Peter Van Dijck will discuss a project (a public website) that attempts 2 things: to combine a folksonomy with a faceted approach, and to localize a folksonomy.” (I think this is about Mefeedia, which has a nifty example of faceted tags.).

From Pace Layering to Resilience Theory: the Complex Implications of Tagging for Information Architecture
Karl Fast and Grant Campbell “will present a framework for adapting theories of complexity, pace layering and resilience to the question of tagging and folksonomies, and their influence on the practice of information architecture.”

Exploring the context of user, creator and intermediate tagging
This paper examines the differences in the context of user, author and intermediary assigned keywords or tags using the social bookmarking sites Citeulike and Connotea.

The life of tags
Anthony Charles and Jason Toals’ paper “will discuss the potential of adding metadata to the metadata through weighting of tags or sequencing of tags through more formal structures.”

And these are just the sessions that are directly about tags. Many others, like Rashmi’s session or Travis Wilson’s, will talk about tagging in the context of other subjects. I suspect tagging will also be on the agendas of keynoter David Weinberger and provocateur Peter Morville.

This year’s summit is in Vancouver, March 24 to 27. The price is great ($600 for three days of sessions) and if you’re a member of STC-ID, IAI, UPA, AIGA, or SIG CHI you can register for a steep discount.

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