March 8, 2006

We all scream for i-tags?

Mary Hodder’s got her fingers in a lot of pies, it seems. Via Scot Hacker’s foobar blog I see that she has launched a wiki site called ITags to develop draft specifications for extending the reach of tagging:

The basic idea of an i-tag … is that a user could tag an object on their own site (photo, video, sound file, text or an entire blog post) [and] the tag and the object would then go out through the RSS feed or be spidered, with some additional information that doesn’t now exist in tags.

The additional information would include the author’s identity and might include the licensing, if any, for the object.

Apparently this project was inspired by a study Hodder did last February in which bloggers “reported a number of things they wanted to do with tags on their blogs that were not possible, and were dissatisfied with some things with the Technorati tags.”

UPDATE: Via Hellonline I see that the initiative is also the work of Kaliya Hamlin (another person with a lot of irons in the fire) and Drummond Reed. I suppose for each of these names I should be able to find an Identity Commons link or some equivalent? (Update supplied so that Ross Mayfield doesn’t slam me for laziness or poor reading comprehension.)

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